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Beef Heart

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Whether you are diving into the ancestral, carnivore or paleo diet community and looking to eat more nose-to-tail or just looking to add more bioavailable vitamins and minerals through whole food sources, grass-fed/finished beef heart is the perfect place to start. Beef heart is unique because it is both an organ meat and muscle meat, which means it has a steak-like texture plus the added benefits of organ meats. Beef heart is rich in zinc, iron, selenium, vitamins B2, B6 and B12 as well as coenzyme Q10, making it an excellent supplement to support your heart health.

Not all organ meats are created equal, which means it is important to source your meat from a trusted source. We have partnered with two ranches in Oregon and Arizona to bring you the highest quality beef. To us, that means cattle that are raised on pasture their entire lives and are always grass-fed and grass-finished. No supplemental feed, antibiotics or growth hormones ever used.

Details: Our beef hearts come pre-sliced and packaged in 1lb packs.

Beef Heart
  • Size: 1lb