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Pork Bones

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Bone broth is all about pulling minerals out of nutrient-dense bones, so it's imperative to use pasture raised bones from healthy animals.

Our pork bones come from woodland and pasture raised pigs, who forage for plants and grubs, eat seasonal organic vegetables, and freely roam 30 acres.

These pork bones are perfect for homemade, nutrient-dense bone broth, or even a batch of traditional ramen. We recommend using pork and chicken bones or chicken backs together for the most flavorful broths.


Recommended Recipe

Instant Pot (Pressure Cooker) Bone Broth by Nom Nom Paleo

nom nom paleo instant pot bone broth


About the Pigs

All of our pork products come from Primal Pastures in Temecula, CA  or Clear Creek Farm in Spalding, Nebraska.  They are raised free range, outside, and given no antibiotics or hormones.  They eat a natural omnivore diet of local and seasonal fruits, nuts, vegetables, and certified organic, soy/GMO free grains. This is far and away the best hog in Southern California.

  • Pasture/woodland raised
  • Diet includes organic non-GMO grains
  • Diet includes local organic vegetables
  • No corn or soy commercial feeds
  • No growth supplements
  • No hormones
  • No antibiotics

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