Raw Pasture Raised Pork Fat for Lard


2lb Average

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Raw, unaltered pork fat from truly pasture raised pigs.

Our pork fat is not bleached, deodorized, hydrogenated or altered. It is the raw, uncured, unsalted fat from the pig, and can be rendered for cooking to make lard, or sliced thin for larding lean cuts of meat or game poultry. Lard makes the best pastry for pies and tarts, and adds excellent flavor as a cooking medium.

2lb average pack


Lard is high in vitamin D and monounsaturated fat. This lost staple takes minimal effort and is a super versatile fat, but it's super important to get your pork fat from truly pasture raised pigs. Learn all about lard and how to render your own:

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In addition to raising our own pigs, we partner with Jack and Sarah Kimmich at California Kurobuta, who raise purebred Berkshire pigs the right way. The pigs freely roam 30 acres of pasture and woodland in Central California, foraging for plants and grubs and feasting on seasonal organic vegetables and spent grain from local breweries. Jack and Sarah are passionate about keeping their pigs happy, and have even adjusted their off-grid farm to fit the needs of their pigs. 

  • Pasture/woodland raised
  • Diet includes organic non-GMO grains
  • Diet includes local organic vegetables
  • No corn or soy commercial feeds
  • No growth supplements
  • No hormones
  • No antibiotics

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