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Beef Shanks (Osso Buco)

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Grass-fed and grass-finished beef shanks are a hidden treasure in the world of culinary delights. These cuts, sourced from cattle that graze on natural pastures throughout their lives, offer a distinctive and robust flavor profile.

The shank's unique combination of lean meat and rich marrow within the bone makes it an ideal choice for slow-cooking methods like osso buco.

As the shanks simmer in a fragrant blend of tomatoes, wine, onions, and herbs, they undergo a transformative process, yielding a dish that is not only exceptionally tender but also deeply flavorful. 

Details: 1.25 inches thick 1-1.5lbs average 

We have partnered with two ranches in Northern California and Arizona to bring you the highest quality beef. To us, that means cattle that is raised on pasture their entire lives and are always grass fed and grass finished. There is no supplemental feed, antibiotics, or growth hormones ever used.

Beef Shanks (Osso Buco)
  • Title: 1-1.5lb Range