The Great Lie of Grass-Fed Beef

The Great Lie of Grass-Fed Beef

But wait - that's GMO corn and soy, not grass?

Next up in the mischievous meat marketing expose is the term most easily thrown around:

Grass Fed

Typically reserved for ruminant animals like cows, sheep, and bison, GRASS FED ismeant to instill a mental picture of cows outside, grazing grass as they should.  But did you know EVERY SINGLE COW is technically grass fed?  You must understand, 99% of beef cattle are pulled off of the range and finished in a feedlot for 3-5 months, where they are packed into confinement situations and pumped full of grains.

Grains are terrible for ruminant animals

Their complex ruminant stomach is not designed at all to handle anything other than grass, so these grains (95%+ GMO corn and soy) make the cattle very sick.  This is where antibiotics come in, because the feedlots are sacrificing the cows' health for quick fat gains and big profits from unassuming customers.

2 Grassfed Operations:

Depressing?  Yes.  If you want more information, I think this article from Animal Welfare Approved is great.  But I don't like presenting problems without solutions.  

This is why we like local food and farm tours.  Labels are crap.  Even "Pasture Raised", the one we use most often, has been bastardized lately and is not overseen by any regulatory bodies.  Local food holds you accountable.  You can come see it for yourself, meet your farmers, and ask any questions you would like.  This MATTERS.

While we are not certified grassfed, we hold ourselves to a far, far higher standard.  Our animals live outside, on pasture, 24/7/365.  They get a species appropriate diet of 100% pasture ONLY for the ruminant animals (cows and sheep), and the omnivores (chickens and pigs) are supplemented with a certified organic, soy free/GMO free feed.  Our animals are NEVER in confinement.  We participate with nature, rotating the animals daily to build healthy soil and create a vibrant ecosystem that will get better and better every single year.
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IllindCic —

What are your chickens supplemented with exactly? You mentioned certified organic. What exactly is this? I know that you pasture raise your chicken but I want to know what are they being supplemented with?

cesar —

The youtube video by Justin Rhodes is what drove me to your site. Exciting to hear your journey from an Accountant to full time farmer. Looking forward to being able to order from your site once you are able to ship to South Carolina!

Dustin —

I so look forward the the day when I will be able to purchase from you while living on the east coast. I love what you are doing and support you 100%. I fully expect to pay more for your products because of the care and consciousness of your efforts. Bravo! Show the rest of the farming industry that this is what really matters for everyone…the animals, the people and our planet in the long term! Wish I were still living in California!

Marta Lizza —

Living in Irving, TX and want to eat healthier meat. When will you ship to TX?
Brenda and Curt Yeary

Brenda Yeary —

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