How to Feed Your Dog Raw

How to Feed Your Dog Raw

As a pastured livestock farm, our goal is to mimic nature. That means feeding a biologically appropriate diet to all our animals- chickens forage for bugs and grubs while cows and sheep eat only native, seasonal grasses. This produces the healthiest animal with a far superior nutritional content than commercially farmed meat.

But biologically appropriate diets don’t just apply to farm animals. We’re missing a huge opportunity to maintain our pets’ health when we feed them kibble and processed junk. That’s why we include raw meat, organs and bones in our 9 large breed, livestock guardian dogs’ diets.

grass fed raw dog food

We’ve partnered with Perfectly Rawsome to bring you the absolute best, pasture-raised raw meat, organs and bones for your furry friend, along with the education and resources to keep your pet happy and healthy.

Benefits of Feeding Your Pet a Raw Diet:

  • Maintain a strong skeletal system
  • Natural teeth cleaning
  • Maintain healthy muscle function
  • Maintain healthy organ function
  • Endorphin release

A balanced raw diet includes bones, organs and muscle meat, and pasture raised livestock and wild game contain even higher levels of essential nutrients than their grain-fed counterparts.

Raw Bones

Raw Organs

Raw Muscle Meat


Fat-soluble Vitamin A

Complete proteins
Essential fatty acids EPA & DHA

Start Here:

Perfectly Rawsome

Perfectly Rawsome is the leading resource for raw feeding education.


Build Your Own Box

Pasture Raised Beef

All of our beef is sourced from Avenales Ranch on California's Central Coast. This beef is 100% grass fed, grass finished, free range, grain free, beyond organic, ethically and humanely treated, and sustainably raised. Absolutely zero antibiotics, hormones, vaccines or drugs.

organic raw beef heart

Beef Heart

pasture raised beef kidney

Beef Kidney

 raw beef liver for dogs

Beef Liver

raw sweetbreads for dogs


organic beef tongue raw pet food

Beef Tongue

Pasture Raised Chicken

All chicken products come from our heritage breed, pasture-raised, non-vegetarian-fed, worm-eating, bug-scratching, no-soy, non-gmo Primal chickens. These birds were raised how chickens are meant to live: outside, on grass, with room to forage. Absolutely zero antibiotics, hormones, vaccines or drugs.

pasture raised chicken necks

Chicken Necks

organic chicken feet for dogs

Chicken Feet

free range chicken drumsticks


organic chicken backs raw dog food

Chicken Backs

organic chicken gizzards


raw chicken hearts for dogs

Chicken Hearts

pasture raised chicken livers

Chicken Livers

Pasture Raised Pork

All of our pork comes from our ranch or California Kurubota in Hollister, CA. They are raised free range, outside, and given no antibiotics or hormones. They eat a natural omnivore diet of local and seasonal fruits, nuts, vegetables, and certified organic, soy/GMO free grains. Absolutely zero antibiotics, hormones, vaccines or drugs.

pasture raised pig feet trotters

Pig Feet

pasture raised raw pork fat lard

Pork Fat

pasture raised organic ham hock

Ham Hock

Example of a Raw Meal

perfectly rawsome meal

Perfectly Rawsome creates custom meal plans and posts meals and raw feeding inspiration on Instagram @perfectlyrawsome:

🍴 Pica's & Loki's daily meal by @primalpastures
🐄 Pasture Beef Tongue
🐔 Pasture Chicken Feet
🐄 Pasture Beef Liver
🐄 Pasture Sweetbreads
- - -
➕ Home additions:
🥕 Puréed Carrot Greens
🍇 Home Grown Mulberries



For questions about feeding your pet a raw diet, check out Perfectly Rawsome:

Instagram: @perfectlyrawsome

For questions about our pasture raised meat, organs and bones, shoot us an email at

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